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How to Become a Novelist

What do you think about someone that had been writing a novel? They must be genius hence they could narrative their mind and describe their imagination as well put on to their written. The Novelist like JK Rowling, J.R.R Tolkien, Stephanie Meyer, Andrea Hirata, Dewi Lestari seem only a few fine novelist that had written popular novels. According to The Oxford Companion to the English Language, The Novel refers to a work of prose fiction, usually 30,000 to 100,000 words in length” (qtd. Tom McArtur 711). The Novel is longer than a short story and usually written in narrative style. What types of novels that really attracted you? A few most common types of novels are romance, history, bibliography, horor, comedy, gothic, and etc. How many novel that you have been reading? Love to reading the novels is the asset if you want to write your own novel and become the novelist. These stages bellow, will guide you how to write your own novel and how to publish it.  
First of all, start writing. Before you start writing, you might be stuck what the first things that you need to write. The ideas may come from your own experiences, someone’s experiences, journey, and etc. You can find the plot from your ideas. The plot is a literary term defined as the main story line. For the amateur writer, making the outline from the plot is the essential tips. Hence the outline can direct you in the writing process and lead your written more structured.  Second, find some characters for your story. Occasionally there is protagonist (a main good guy) and antagonist (a main bad guy). You allowed apply the characters based on people that you have been met. Third, create the setting; weather it’s time and places. The setting time means set your time of story, is happen in the present time or past.  The setting of places consist the roads, home, buildings, rooms, parks and etc. Finally, decide the point of view. Point of view is the perspective of narrative. There are two kinds of point of view, the first person and the third person.  
Writing process is only the beginning. The next stages, is edit and rewrite your story. Try to become personal editor for your work because editing and rewriting is what makes your story, good. Do not pre judge your written and do not forget to save your first draft in a save place. You allowed to adding or replacing words and also sentences on your first draft.  Editing process consist substantive editing and content editing. The substantive editing includes punctuation, spelling, grammar, and word choice. Quality of written, completeness, and organization are included in the content editing.
 The last stage is how to publish your book.  Before you send your book to the publisher, you need to do research on presses.  What kind of publisher that appropriate with your written and make a list on them. The publisher is parable a home for your novel.  Do not be afraid if the publisher reject you book.  This process is also takes time until you book get published. Many popular novels were rejected in the beginning. Do not give up for only one or two publishers that unlike your story. Do not quit and keep moving submit your book to the next publisher on your list.
In conclusion, to write a novel and to publish it often takes time, effort, and also money. Both process weather it is writing process or editing process need a lot of trial and error. You might be a novelist and your novel become popular. However, you must take practice and hard discipline in process of writing, editing, and submit into publisher.

Senin, 04 Juni 2012

Mengejar Matahari Tengah Malam - Gravitasi

Kemana aku harus berjalan untuk pengampunan? Sedang aku seperti dekat dengan kematianku sediri. Aku yakin setiap orang pasti memiliki masalah dan jantung dosa yang tak pernah berhenti. Tuhan..aku bahkan tidak punya ruang untuk itu. Aku butuh psikiater tapi bukan untuk seseorang yang dengan mudah menjejaliku dengan obat-obatan penenang. Aku butuh bicara tapi aku tidak tahu apa lagi yang tersisa untuk dibicarakan. Aku ingin seseorang yang memelukku mengatakan segalanya akan baik-baik saja dengan tenang kepadaku. Kehilangan segala sesuatu yang penting dalam hidupmu dalam satu waktu, aku bertanya bagaimana itu terjadi pada seseorang dan dia masih bisa bangun seperti karang. Tak peduli betapa besarnya ombak yang menghantam dia masih dengan kokoh menantang matahari. 
Hujan..masih saja hujan. Suara tetesan, guyuran gerimis, dan hembusan angin yang mengiringi itu semua seakan terpantul bersamaan menurut pada gravitasi bumi malam ini. Berputar-putar lalu udara menjadi dingin, namun tetap saja tidak sedingin hati ini. Seingatku ini adalah bukan musim dingin yang dapat kapan saja hujan. Hangat..aku ingat seharusnya ini musim panas dengan pagi yang hangat. Kenapa aku berada di sini?
Aku seperti tersesat di dunia yang berbeda. Semua dan segala sesuatu yang pernah aku tahu, hilang. Begitu juga dengan kekuatanku. Dan dengan semua eksistensiku, aku mati rasa. Kemudian aku berjalan mencari dunia yang aku tahu tapi aku tetap tidak menemukan siapapun. Terkadang aku dapat melihat orang-orang yang aku kenal dan orang-orang dengan wajah tanpa nama tetapi tetap saja aku tidak bisa menyentuh mereka. Aku berusaha bicara tapi kata-kata seakan tidak bisa keluar dari kerongkonganku. Aku merasakan sebuah bahaya. Aku tahu ini sebuah bahaya karena aku melihat semua orang menatapku seperti aku adalah seorang yang asing. 

[Arman's Confession (P. 26). Diambil dari Novel "Mengejar Matahari Tengah Malam" By: Mei Aulia]

Kamis, 31 Mei 2012

Jakarta and the Problems

Jakarta is a big city. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. I live in Jakarta since I was born. I do love, and I am proud of Jakarta. Jakarta has always been growth very fast until now particularly the urban people. Jakarta has so many good buildings, roads, mass transportations, stations, park and other kind of public places. However, Jakarta nowadays is not pleasant and health like many years ago. There were so many factors that make Jakarta became unpleasant place.   

The first factor that makes Jakarta upleasant place is the population. Jakarta was very crowded. Every year, the population in Jakarta is increasing significantly. The popolation caused by The uncontrolled urbanization. Urbanization happens for the consequences of growth of rural people whereas the rural development increased slightly. For instance development the of employment, the education, and also entertainment. That were the reasons why people move from their original place into Jakarta, and make Jakarta so crowded.    

The second factor is the traffic. Traffic was being a familiar symbol for Jakarta. The fast growth population of people in Jakarta made the traffic being worse. People usually use their own vehicle than mass transportation, and abviously can cause the traffic. The traffic drains productive time of many people due to they must spend longer time to reach their places. Traffic also can easily trigger stress and caused some illnesses. This traffic reduce the quality of life for people who living in Jakarta.  

The last factor is the sanitation and the health issue. The pollution in Jakarta was very bad, wheater it’s air pollution or it’s water pollution. The air pollution most caused by the corbon monoxide that resulted from cars and motorcycles. The  High level of air pollution in Jakarta caused so many illnesses for instance asthma, lung diseases, and some respiratory infections. Water pollution caused by the rubbish and garbage from industries and also from household. This pollution strongly impact the balance of nature. The rain acid caused by water pollution as well. This bad sanitation can make people who living in Jakarta become unhelth. 

In conclusion, nowadays Jakarta has become the unplasurable place because of some problems. The high growth population in Jakarta that caused by the urbanization, bad traffic, and unhealth sanitanion. These problems need serious attention not only from the government but also from civil people as well to realize Jakarta into better, comfort, and lovely conditions.   

Sabtu, 26 Mei 2012

Cambridge IELTS 5 Test 2 – Writing Task 2

In some countries young people are encourage to work or travel for a year between finishing high school and starting university studies.
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages for young people who decide to do this.

In recent years, taking travel for a year or starting work after finishing high school become popular among young people. Some people called it as a gap year. They were postponed their studies in university for a year. These activities have been attractive for some reasons. There are advantages and disadvantages for young people who decided travel or work before continue their studies. 

The advantages from young people taking work, they become early independent in financial. Obviously from working they can earn money, gain experiences and skills. In addition they could build the good network during that time and possible to settle down more faster.  At the same time young people who decided to travel for a year can increase their horizon and their independent. They will see a lot of different perspective from various people that they have never been met before. They also can learn another cultures and languages and can appreciate the differences. 

On the other hand, some jobs require university qualifications. If they want to catch the higher position, it is better they forward their studies first. Travelling before starting the new degree can distract their academic desire. They may think studies at universities not always become necessary.  In addition, taking travel for a year need a lot of money and mostly only the rich young people that can choose this decision. 

In conclusion, among the advantages for young people taking travel for a year and taking job before they continue their studies at university, there also some disadvantages that need to be considered. However I believe that the advantages can make the great different vision for young people about the life. 
I tried several writing task 2 in Ielts test, here two of them,,:-)

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of three of following as media for communicating information. State which you consider to be the most effective.

The information was very important in our life. We have been surrounded by the information since we were born. Information can be interpreted as massage. There are so many media that brought the information into us, for instance; television, radio, film, theatre, books, comics etc. I do believe every media has each advantages and disadvantages.
There are some advantages from television, radio, film that can be explained. These electronic media were very effective for share the information. The massages that come from media electronic were often very powerful effected the people. People often very fast take in the information from television and film. Similar with the radio, television, and film, theatre was also very touchable to share the culture and education through the live shows. In addition book and comics are very effective to spread the good ideas. Books also played the essential role in human history. While the books provide the massages from the sentences and story, the comics send the massages trough the picture and animation.     
On the other hand, television, radio, and film have some disadvantages. Some programs that provide in television were very hypnotizing and it can drain productive time when people spent a lot of time to watch. Hence it very powerful to effecting people, so many violence and criminal act have also resulted from the television and films. Even so some books and comics have some disadvantages. We need to be focus to read the book for hours. Several comics only give the entertainment instead the useful information.
In conclusion, in my opinion the television, radio, and film are most effective because the massage could be taken easily than the books and comics.   

Sabtu, 19 Mei 2012

Be Strong Like a Rock

          It has been a long time since I wrote my last posting, about Bliss..days turning into something I never imagined before. Indeed so hard. Allah gave me so many real examinations in my life. Bliss never exist without wound. Laugh never so graceful without tears. Smile never so bright without sadness. Anyone you never knew before become so precious when you feel lonely. The hardest step must be faced with all guide that you have always asked from God. I trying to believe I can rise into something new. Fighting to be someone who always graceful by her self. When you think there is not something that can help you, believe Allah would sent you the troops to make you strong and said "You're gonna be all right." All you need to do is defend your faith although I knew  that never be easy to be strong like rock.
          Last night I was called my friend, she was the former editor Sinergi. From her voice and story I know that she's more than all right. She's so happy and graceful with her self. When I told her about my worries she said that almost didn't believe that. She said she was happy and so graceful because of me. I'm very shock with her declaration, in fact I didn't do anything as I remember for her. I told her that I haven't full of guts since several month ago like she was remained about me. She said
           "Mei, I've always envy you and all the time I've wondered why you so enthusiastic and cheerful. I've learned so many thing from you. It was very unusual that now you tell me that you have no passion. Stand up, Mei! Be cheer up!"
          "I've been sick." I said. "Please remember me in your pray." I asked her.
          "I have..I always have prayed for you."
          "Thank you."
          "Just be cheer up as I remember about you."she said.
          Suddenly I'm very graceful that I still have someone that remain me as that much. Maybe jewel and diamond never exist if the rocks never hit and burned over and over again. Be strong and never surrounded by the hardest hit. Keep your faith that you're gonna be all right.

Minggu, 04 Maret 2012



Kayaknya udah lama banget nggak nulis sesuatu di blog. Kayak ada sesuatu yang masih ngeganjel di hati kalau belom menyempatkan diri untuk menulis sesuatu tentang perjalanan hidup (Beuhh!!)

Sudah sebulan saya mengundurkan diri dari kantor penerbitan saya. Banyak hal yang saya temui dalam sebulan ini yang cukup mengguncang kewarasan saya. Tapi sama sekali bukan karena pekerjaan. Entahlah, saya merasa tepat memutuskan untuk mengundurkan diri untuk menjalani rencana saya selanjutnya.  Fokus dengan tulisan saya yang akan saya terbitkan Insya Allah tahun ini dan Fokus untuk menyiapkan rencana master saya ke luar. Hanya saja Allah selalu memiliki rencana lain untuk siapa saja. Bukan hidup kalau mudah tertebak. 

Terlepas dari masalahnya apa, saya sempat menjalani hari-hari saya dengan sangat depresi satu bulan terakhir ini. Mencoba mempertahankan kewarasan saya dan tetap berjalan pada jalur yang benar. Saya belum katakan kalau saya berhasil, hanya saja perasaan sakit, menangis diam-diam, tidak bisa fokus dalam apapun, tidak memiliki selera untuk berbicara, makan, nonton, baca, atau bahkan memperhatikan orang lain sudah tidak saya rasakan belakangan ini. 

Sebelumnya saya mau berterima kasih buat teman dan sahabat saya yang masih menganggap saya waras dan masih selalu berusaha menarik saya untuk tidak keluar dari jalur yang sedang saya tekuni. Hidup akan selalu berarti jika kau masih mau mendengarkan kata-kata mereka.

Terima kasih buat Nadia (my best friend ever, my travel mate, my annoying ego female friend) yang udah tahu banget watak baik buruknya masing-masing dari kita. Dia yang pertama kali terpikir oleh saya ketika saya menceritakan semua rasa sesak yang rasanya tidak bisa diungkapkan begitu saja. Pelukan jauhnya selalu membuat saya tenang dengan kata-kata yang meski dia juga terkadang tidak tahu harus berbuat apa, tapi bercerita semuanya padanya lebih sering membuat saya tenang dari waktu ke waktu. Hadapi kenyataan meski sepahit apapun. 

Terima kasih buat my friend Lutfi Indris yang tidak suka dengan semua cerita negatif (Meski bagi saya tidak semua negatif itu buruk) tapi ketika saya ceritakan tentang satu kata negatif ‘Depresi’ dia mengajukan saya misi 21. Ide yang cemerlang meski tidak tiap hari perbedaan itu ada di kehidupan selanjutnya. Tapi kata-katanya selalu terngiang tentang berusaha melakukan sesuatu yang berbeda setiap hari selama dua puluh satu hari. Tujuannya biar kita kembali hidup dan sangat menghargai nikmatnya hidup. Tujuannya pasti agar kita bahagia tentunya. Tapi Mario teguh malah pernah mengatakan kalau orang yang memiliki tujuan bahagia maka orang itu tidaklah pernah berbahagia. Karena bahagia itu bukan tujuan tapi mengiringi. Tentu saja saya menyetujuinya.

Terima kasih juga buat my dear friend, Tung (Nurika) yang udah mau nemenin jalan-jalan ke kebun binatang Ragunan (Haha). Saking bingungnya nyari tempat alam di Jakarta. Buat Rika Nathania yang masih bisa memberi jawaban kalau saya orang yang cukup ceria ketika saat itu sulit sekali menyembunyikan kalau ada sesuatu yang nggak beres di diri saya (ngerasa depresi, tidak percaya diri, tidak berminat melakukan apapun). Satu kata positif yang belum mampu juga mengangkat diri saya saat itu.   

Kemudian saya pun berpikir tentang arti kebahagiaan sebenarnya. Mempertanyakan kembali apa sebenarnya kebahagiaan itu? apakah seseorang yang sudah berkeliling dunia bahagia? Apa orang yang paling pintar dan cerdas mereka sudah bahagia? Atau orang yang memiliki kekayaan dan harta yang berlimpah juga sudah bahagia? Lalu bagaimana dengan orang yang memiliki wajah tampan dan cantik di jagad raya ini dan semua orang mengakui  juga bisa berbahagia dengan itu semua? Atau mungkin seseorang yang lahir di sebuah tempat yang sangat indah dengan kekayaan yang dahsyat bisa berbahagia dengan itu semua. Padahal jika ada pendatang yang sedang mendatangi tempatnya dia bermimpi ingin seperti dia.

Apakah orang-orang bisa berbahagia dengan terkenal, memiliki banyak anak yang sangat membanggakan, memiliki banyak teman dan sahabat, bisa menggapai semua yang diusahakannya, mencapai Mekkah atau Negara-negara di Eropa, menulis buku-buku terkenal, bernyanyi, berkeliling dunia lalu menemukan seseorang? Lalu apakah orang akan bahagia jika sudah menikah, atau belum menikah. Sudah memiliki anak atau belum memiliki anak. Apakah orang sudah bahagia jika sudah mencapai menara Eiffel? Atau sudah berada di bawah patung Liberti atau Jam dunia di London? 

Saya pun akhirnya menemukan versi saya sendiri, dimana tidak  pernah ada kebahagiaan tanpa rasa syukur. Siapapun dia, dimana dia berada, sedang diuji, sedang dipuji, sedang di atas, di bawah, atau keadaan apa pun yang pernah kita alami selama hidup kita. Sesakit apapun yang berbahagia adalah orang-orang yang bisa bersyukur dengan keadaannya.